About Grecu Capital Management, Inc.

Founded in 2001, Grecu Capital Management, Inc. is an independent 100% fee-only wealth management firm providing investment management and financial planning for high net-worth individuals and families, retirees, business owners and executives, and medical professionals. 

We offer institutional quality Investment Management based on regourous academic research and decades of empirical evidence.  The firm maintains strategic partnerships with Dimensional Fund Advisors Inc. and other research centers.  Board members and consultants involved in in this strategic partnership include some of the world's most distinguished academic theorists, including

  • George M. Constantinides, PhD - University of Chicago
  • Eugene F. Fama, PhD - University of Chicago
  • Kenneth R. French, PhD - Dartmouth College
  • John P. Gould, PhD - University of Chicago
  • Roger Ibbotson, PhD - Yale University
  • Donald B. Keim, PhD - University of Pennsylvania
  • Robert C. Merton, PhD, Nobel laureate - Harvard Business School
  • Myron S. Scholes, PhD, Nobel laureate - Stanford University
  • Abbie J. Smith, PhD - University of Chicago
  • Marvin Zonis, PhD - University of Chicago

Drawing on these unparalleled resources, we develop investment strategies for clients incorporating the most advanced portfolio theory that science has to offer. 

We are independent and unbiased, receive no commission or revenue sharing from any investments, and sell no proprietary products.