Our Approach

Great accomplishments are preceded by sound strategy.  Creating the financial future you desire is no different.  The following principles define our financial philosophy.

  • Before you can plan, you must understand what you are planning for.  By defining what is important to you, what you value in life, financial goals become clear and a plan for achieving them can be created.

  • In order to maximize the probability of success, planning should be comprehensive.  The best investment strategy can be completely undone by an unplanned for setback such as serious illness, disability or a significant but unexpected expense.

  • The best financial plan is worthless if it is not implemented.  A trusted financial advisor can help contribute to your success by providing discipline and accountability.

  • The key to investment success is sound strategy combined with discipline, patience and realistic expectations.

  • It is not what you earn but what you keep that counts.  Inflation, taxes, expenses and risks must always be considered and planned for.