Our Clients

Our clients come from a wide variety of backgrounds, but they have a few things in common.

  • Usually are introduced as a referral from a friend or trusted professional
  • Want unbiased advice from an objective fee-only advisor
  • Could manage their own financial affairs, but know that time is better spent enjoying life and doing what they do best
  • Desire a long-term professional relationship
  • Know we will support and advise them in both good and bad times
  • Want “a no stone left unturned” consultative wealth management approach from an advisor with an understanding of their big picture
  • Are active, vibrant people whom we admire and enjoy!

We choose our clients carefully because our skills and expertise are suited toward certain types of clients.  We usually work with one of four types of clients:

  1. First would be high-net-worth individuals and families who are approaching retirement and have worked hard to accumulate their assets and want to protect what they have.
  2. Second, would be successful medical professionals, doctors, and dentists who have little time to spend managing their own wealth and want to delegate the important day-to-day financial decisions to a trusted professional.
  3. Third would be the small business owner. We help them both individually and also with their corporate needs, retirement plans and 401ks.
  4. Fourth would be women, widowed or divorced, who want to take control of their finacial life and build an indepenent and empowering lifestyle for themselves.

As our clients’ personal CFO, we help them address all areas of their financial big picture: wealth preservation, tax mitigation, risk management, wealth transfer, business succession and charitable planning.