Strategic Alliances

Grecu Capital Managemet, Inc. maintains strategic partnerships with Dimensional Fund Advisors Inc. and other research centers.  Board members and directors of Dimensional Fund Advisors include some of the world’s most distinguished academic theorists, including:

  • George M. Constantinides, PhD - University of Chicago
  • Douglas W. Diamond, PhD - University of Chicago
  • Eugene F. Fama, PhD, Nobel laureate - University of Chicago
  • Kenneth R. French, PhD - Dartmouth College
  • John P. Gould, PhD - University of Chicago
  • Roger Ibbotson, PhD - Yale University
  • Donald B. Keim, PhD - University of Pennsylvania
  • Edward P. Lazear, PhD - Stanford University
  • Robert C. Merton, PhD, Nobel laureate - Harvard Business School
  • Myron S. Scholes, PhD, Nobel laureate - Stanford University
  • Abbie J. Smith, PhD - University of Chicago
  • Marvin Zonis, PhD - University of Chicago