Why Grecu Capital Management?


We are not engaged in, affiliated with, or controlled by any organization in the brokerage, insurance, underwriting, or other financial services fields.  We will never jeopardize our ability to render independent advice.

100% Fee-Only

We are compensated on a fee-only basis rather than through brokerage commissions.  Advisors who work on commissions are more likely to recommend frequent transactions in your portfolio.  A fee-only advisor has fewer conflicts of interest and is more likely to have your best interest in mind.


Because competence is a critical determinant of success, we continually assess our ability to appropriately and effectively address the needs of our clients.  We maintain our competence by recognizing that professional education must be viewed as a lifetime commitment.  We hire the best and the brightest, train them well and equip them with the most advanced tools and technology.


Our clients expect and deserve exceptional service.  We deliver it by striving to understand what is important to you both personally and financially so that we may anticipate your needs.  We strive to exceed your expectations by emphasizing excellence in all that we do.

Exclusive Low-Cost Investment Vehicles

As an institutional investment firm we can buy investment vehicles not available to the public including discounted institutional (limited access) no-load mutual funds and separate account managers.  The funds and managers we use to target the world’s most attractive markets have lower expenses, lower trading costs, lower turnover rates and more consistent asset allocation.

Personalized Investment Policy

Based on our understanding of your specific investment needs, we create an Investment Policy for you.  The Investment Policy outlines the allocation of each asset class in your portfolio, the type of securities we will invest in and the expected return and risk associated with your portfolio.  Your personal investment policy is our joint plan to reach your goals.

Reporting and Transparency

We provide you with a detailed quarterly assessment of your portfolio’s performance and market values.  We determine whether the market value of your portfolio is growing quickly enough to achieve your objectives and whether any adjustments need to be made.  We maintain detailed investment records for your account.


We are committed to the highest levels of ethical standards and honesty.  We put our clients’ needs first, stand behind our work and deliver on our promises.