Medical Professionals

As a doctor, imagine you worked for a large pharmacetical company and were compensated largely based on the amount and brand of medicines you perscribed to patients?   Imagine the additional conflict of interest if some medicines paid you much more than other medicines.  In a world where physician compensation was linked to medicines prescribed, could anyone trust that their physician's advice was objective and in the best interests of their patient?  Probably not.  Thankfully for all of us, your objectivity is intact because you are not compensated based on the amount and brands of medicine you prescribe.

However, investment advisors at the largest Wall Street brokerage firms work under such a conflicted setup.  They are employed by companies that have their own proprietary products and are paid based on the amount and brand of products being pushed by those companies.  In the Wall Street environment of product-based broker payouts, hidden fees and undisclosed revenue sharing, the investment advisors of large brokerage firms, like a doctor working for a drug company, are simply not able to provide unbiased and objective advice.

It's for this reason that busy Medical Professionals understand, more than any professional, the need for independence in their financial advisor and have found a trusted home with Grecu Capital Management, Inc. 

At GCM, we recognize that many successful medical professionals are too busy with the daily rigors of practicing medicine and the management of a group practice that little time is left for the management of their wealth - and even less time to waste looking over an advisor's shoulder to ensure that the financial decisions are in the best interests of the client, not the advisor!  With so little time, it's absolutely crucial to your future financial success that you work with someone who is independent and has removed any conflicts of interest from the relationship so that you can trust they are working solely in your best interests. 

As a 100% fee-only Wealth Management firm, we have no proprietary "in-house" products, we receive no commission from any investments we recommend, and we do not receive any soft dollars or revenue sharing from any company.  Our only product is unbiased advice and the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a truly independent advisor effectively navigating thru the hurdles of day-to-day investment and estate decisions that rely on discussions with your accountant, tax professional and legal professional.

GCM understands your business and our independence allows us to provide unique financial services tailored to your specific needs.  GCM can help medical professionals address their needs in the following ways:

  • Work around your schedule, meeting at a time that works for you

  • Develop a risk management plan to ensure complete financial coverage

  • Create tax planning strategies to ensure efficient structuring of your business and personal assets

  • Craft an estate plan and trust structure that will allow for a tax- efficient transfer of wealth to your children

  • Establish proper valuation of your practice and the development of a business succession plan

  • Create a wealth management plan to provide oversight and coordination between your medical practice and personal financial situation