401(k) Retirement Plans

No one knows your business like you do. Your ability to focus on your enterprise has made it the success it is today. However, there is a lot to running an enterprise that has little to do with the core business, but is still critically important to overall long-term success. Your company retirement plan is a perfect example.

That's why we created the GRECU 401(k) Retirement Plan Solution. It's a unique, comprehensive five-step process comprised of best practices in 401(k) management to ensure proper fiduciary responsibility and increased employee participation and satisfaction. 

Our comprehensive 401(k) management services allow us to compete not only based on price, but on value.

Best Practice 1: Open Architecture

Many 401(k) providers have their own proprietary funds or have hidden revenue sharing agreements with higher cost mutual fund companies.  These conflicts of interest are poison for your retirement plan!

As a 100% fee-only advisor, our compensation is not based on which funds we choose.  Therefore we want to provide you and your employees with the best no-load funds possible at the lowest cost.  Using an "open architecture" platform, we can select from more than 400 fund families and 20,000+ mutual funds when designing your 401(k) retirement plan.    We prefer to only work with vendors with an open architecture platform where there are no proprietary fund restrictions and no hidden fees.

Best Practice 2: Employee Education

Employee education is the most important component to the success of your company's retirement plan.  Educated employees have higher participation rates, higher workplace satisfaction and more peace of mind that their retirment is secure.  With this in mind, we provide a customized education program based on your employee demographics and your plan needs.  Our regular workshops, done on-site at your company and at your convenience, cover retirement planning, investment management and financial planning.  Our workshops are generally every six-months, but could be more frequent depending on your needs and availability.

Best Practice 3: Fiduciary Protection

Meeting your fiduciary responsibilities can be a complex process. We help control risk and reduce liability by 1) Developing a formal Investment Policy Statement, 2) Developing a 404(c) Policy Statement, 3) Establishing clear criteria for selecting and monitoring investment managers and 4) Acting as an ERISA 3(38) Fiduciary in selecting, monitoring and replacing investment options.

Best Practice 4: Flexible Investment Management

As Plan Sponsor, you are faced with the daunting challenge of offering a retirement plan that can be "all things to all people."  The Grecu 401(k) Retirement Plan Solution creates custom plans that suit the diverse needs of your employees.  For your "do-it-yourself" employees, we provide low-cost best-in-class institutional style mutual funds in each catogory for them to choose among.  For your personel who may lack the time, knowledge and inclination to choose their own funds but would like a properly diverisifed portfolio based on their retirement age or risk tollerance, we offer professionally managed and globally diversified model portfolios.  

Best Practice 5: Plan Monitoring

We'll manage the health of your retirement program over its lifetime, advising you on regulatory changes, program enhancements and investment due diligence on a semi-annual basis.  The Grecu 401(k) Retirement Plan Solution allows you to focus on your other responsibilities while ensuring that your plan is running smoothly and that your employees are receiving the tools and assistance they need to be financially prepared for retirement when they are ready to retire. 

Summary Benefits

The GRECU 401(k) Retirement Plan Solution provides Plan Sponsors with the opportunity to 1) Delegate and reduce key fiduciary responsibilities and liabilities, 2) Reduce anxiety over plan compliance, 3) Reduce overall plan costs through an Open Architecture solution, 4) Increase employee satisfaction, participation and peace of mind, 5) Implement state-of-the-art educational and investment/financial planning services and 6) Work with an ERISA 3(38) Fiduciary Advisor to access low-cost, institutional asset class mutual funds and professionally-designed portfolios.