Financial Planning

Help with Life Changes

At certain points in life, you may need a little extra guidance.  Grecu Capital Management can help.  We understand that life events can bring new opportunities.  They can also bring new challenges for keeping your financial plan on track.  Whether you are retiring, selling a business, going through a divorce, or receiving an inheritance, Grecu Capital Management can help ease the stress involved with making important financial decisions in the midst of life’s changes.  By listening to you and understanding your needs, we can create a plan that will give you the peace of mind and confidence that comes with knowing you’re prepared.

What Do You Get:
  • goal setting
  • development of a personal balance sheet
  • retirement planning and a financial independence analysis
  • a written Wealth Management Assessment
  • cash flow planning
  • clarification of any employee benefits
  • Concentrated stock position management
  • a strategy for funding your children’s college education
  • a current asset/ investment review
  • an asset management proposal (synchronized with your financial plan)
  • a tax situation evaluation
  • an insurance coverage review
  • an estate plan review